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BlackBerry Leap makes its way around the world
BlackBerry launched the BlackBerry Leap in the UK, but the Leap is quickly making its way around the world. The BlackBerry Leap is now available in the US, France, Germany, and the UK. BlackBerry also lists the Leap as "coming soon" to Canada, India, United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia. It looks ....more
BlackBerry Oslo pics leaked
BlackBerry is still releasing new devices. We just saw the release of the BlackBerry Leap in the UK, and now we have a leaked photo of an upcoming BlackBerry Oslo. The BB Oslo features a square design and physical keyboard. BlackBerry Central reported the following specs for the Oslo: more
BlackBerry Leap launched by Vodafone UK
The BlackBerry Leap is making its worldwide debut in the UK on Vodafone. The lower-end BlackBerry targeted at mobile professionals looking for a touchscreen device is currently being offered for free on Vodafone's website. If you choose one of their plans starting at 22 you can get a free Leap. T....more
BlackBerry Leap pre-orders go live today
The BlackBerry Leap is available for pre-order today in the US, UK, and Germany. France went live on March 26, and Canada is coming soon. To pre-order your Leap, head over to We don't have an official release date yet, but....more
New BlackBerry Leap video released
The BlackBerry Leap has been announced, but we have not seen much of it. Now comes a new hands-on video from BlackBerry to walk you through the Leap. The BlackBerry Leap is a touchscreen device with a generous 5 inch display. The build quality looks great, even though the Leap is targeted at an entry level....more
BlackBerry wants you to pre-register for Leap updates
BlackBerry is still release new phones and the company has already announced their next device, the all touchscreen BlackBerry Leap. BlackBerry wants to give you updates about the Leap to keep you informed, so they are asking you to pre-register on their website. Give them your email address and they will ....more
Should the Leap be the last BlackBerry?
BlackBerry is under scrutiny these days as the company tries to get back into profitability. The company's stock has been downgraded recently and investors are looking for anything they can hold onto. Writing for the more
Vodafone UK to offer BlackBerry Leap to business customers
Those BlackBerry users in the UK who use their phone for business will get a new option soon. Vodafone UK plans to offer the BlackBerry Leap to its business users. According to CrackBerry, Vodafone UK will only offer the Leap to its business customers leaving consumers out in the code. The BlackB....more
BlackBerry to release low cost Leap
BlackBerry is releasing a new low cost device called the BlackBerry Leap. The Leap is expected to retail at $275 and will be a full touchscreen device. The specs are actually not that bad. The Leap will feature a 5 inch display, and run on a 1.5GHz Qualcomm processor and include 2GB of RAM. That basicall....more
BlackBerry Windermere leaked photos
Is this the next BlackBerry? It has been widely speculated that BlackBerry is working on a new device, codenamed Windermere. The new BlackBerry isn't the prettiest device out there. In fact, it looks like something out of the late 1990's. According to the leaks, however, the BB Windermere could be a huge l....more
New BlackBerry 10 keyboard shown off at BlackBerry World 2012
RIM CEO Thorsten Heins took to the stage at BlackBerry World 2012 to show off some of the new features of the upcoming BlackBerry 10. Most of the features did not seem all that impressive, but one of the things that caught my eye is the soft keyboard. Most BlackBerry users choose BlackBerry becaus....more
Amazon announces Kindle for BlackBerry Playbook today announced that it will launch a Kindle app for the new BlackBerry PlayBook tablet computer. Customers can already enjoy the free Kindle app on their BlackBerry today. Like all Kindle apps, the Kindle app for the new BlackBerry PlayBook will let customers Buy Once, Read Everywhere--on Kindle,....more
Android taking over iPhone, BlackBerry, Windows Phone
According to Gartner, Android is the OS to watch. The firm predicts Android will leap ahead of RIM's BlackBerry, Apple's iPhone, and Microsoft's Windows Phone, in global popularity. How's that for success? From "Gartner said the explosive popularity growth of Google's mobile operat....more
iPhone Pros and Cons
This is simply our short list of pros and cons for the iPhone. The iPhone is a huge leap forward in the right direction for mobile devices, but it is lacking in some key areas. We'll wait for the next version before we toss out our Treos, BlackBerrys, and Pocket PC Phones. Pros Looks....more
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Found: 14   Displaying: 1 - 14 << First | Prev || Next | Last >>

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