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Google removes porn malware apps from the Play Store
Google has removed more than 60 gaming apps from the Google Play Store that contained malware. The malware, named AdultSwine, was discovered by a security firm, Check Point. It contained "highly pornographic" material that infected the games, many of which were aimed at kids. The apps were downloaded more ....more
Apple issues statement on serious Keychain zero day bug
A very serious security bug was discovered in the Apple MacOS Keychain. It makes it possible for an attacker to get every password in the Keychain without requiring your password. Patrick Wardle, Synack’s head of research, was able to write some code that extracts passwords from the Keychain. He posted a vi....more
Hillary Clinton is keeping BlackBerry in the news
As BlackBerry has been in decline, there are fewer and fewer headlines about the once dominant smartphone. Thanks to Hillary Clinton however, BlackBerry remains in the news. I'm not sure it is good news as the most recent headlines suggest the US Government restricted access to BlackBerry because of securit....more
Tim Cook opens up about FBI fight in new interview
Tim Cook is not taking this fight with the FBI laying down. After a fairly long interview on ABC recently, he has now been interviewed by TIME magazine. Cook is obviously bothered by the government's use of the courts to try and force Apple to create a special version of its operating system that will allow....more
Hillary Clinton was denied a secure BlackBerry by the NSA in 2009
When Hillary Clinton became Secretary of State in 2009, she requested a secure, BlackBerry-like device from the government. The NSA said, "no." Apparently, Hillary had been using a BlackBerry during the 2008 campaign and had come to rely on it. Emails recently released by Judicial Watch, a conserv....more
Is BlackBerry pivoting to the Internet of Thins?
We all know the history of BlackBerry's dramatic fall from the top of the smartphone market. CEO John Chen was brought on to turn the company around. He had moderate success in cutting expenses and releasing new hardware to give the company a boost. Things have continued to be challenging for BlackBerry, a....more
Tim Cook rejects FBI request for back door into iPhone
A California judge ordered Apple to help the FBI unlock the phone of one of the terrorists involved in the San Bernardino attacks. Following the order, Tim Cook says Apple will resist the order and appeal. The FBI wants Apple to create a new version of iOS that will ignore some of the security features so t....more
Apple should build an iMessage Windows app for iPhone users
iPhone users love the security and convenience of iMessage. If you're a Mac user, you can also use iMessage from your desktop or laptop computer. Mac users can also send SMS messages from their desktop using Continuity. But what about iPhone owners who use Windows? Apple should create an iMessag....more
BlackBerry touts security after media reports of compromised encryption
There have been a couple of reports recently suggesting law enforcement is somehow able to get around BlackBerry encryption. There was the El Chapo/Sean Penn episode where law enforcement claimed to have texts decrypted from a BlackBerry, and a report out of the Netherlands with a similar claim. BlackBerry p....more
John Chen criticizes Apple for privacy stance
BlackBerry CEO, John Chen, took aim at Apple today for the company's privacy stance. Although his sentiments make sense on the surface, this issue is not so cut and dry. Apple has decided to provide encryption for everyone. That kind of complete security allows everyone to protect their privacy. Of course....more
Pakistan bans BlackBerry for privacy reasons
The government of Pakistan has issued an order banning BlackBerry Enterprise Server in the country. All operators have been instructed to shut the service down by November 30, 2015. Pakistan is the latest government in recent years to take issue with BlackBerry's encryption. It appears the government wants ....more
Major Android security flaw discovered
A major flaw in Android has been discovered by researcher Joshua Drake. The flaw affects nearly all Android users and is quite serious. An attacker can take over the OS using a simple MMS. All the attacker needs to know is the target's phone number. The hack was developed by Joshua Drake, vice pres....more
BlackBerry wins Department of Defense approval for devices
BlackBerry shared some good news today. The company has won approval by the U.S. Department of Defense for the "use of derived Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) credentials on BlackBerry® OS and BlackBerry® 10 smartphones." The company says the approval validates BlackBerry's security capabilities. more
BlackBerry buys Android related domain names
BlackBerry is definitely getting its Android bona fides on. The company has registered two Android related domain names,, and The domains currently forward to, and the page informs us on what BlackBerry is doing with Android. The page on BlackBe....more
Will BlackBerry release an Android device?
Would BlackBerry release a new phone running Android? Reuters is reporting BlackBerry will indeed launch an Android device and they say they have two sources to back up the story. They say the decision is based on CEO John Chen's move to rely more on BES12 than BlackBerry OS 10. The company is in the middl....more
BlackBerry announces OS 10.3.2 update and BlackBerry Blend 1.2
BlackBerry has announced a new update to BlackBerry 10 that will update all devices to version 10.3.2. The new BlackBerry 10.3.2 brings a few new features like better security, camera and calendar enhancements, and BlackBerry Blend. The update should be available as the carriers approve it in the coming wee....more
John Chen speaks to Maria Bartiromo
BlackBerry CEO John Chen recently spoke with Maria Bartiromo about the device market and security. The interview is published by USA TODAY and is a good read for BlackBerry fans. Mr. Chen speaks about the importance of security as a differentiator for BlackBerry, but he also speaks about BlackBerry's health....more
BlackBerry would work with Apple on security if asked
BlackBerry CEO John Chen explained how rival companies can compete and not be enemies. In an interview with CNN, Chen says if asked BlackBerry would work with Apple on security. When the interviewer asks if Apple has talked to BlackBerry, Chen refused to confirm any talks. He did say BlackBerry talks to la....more
John Chen says BlackBerry working on the next "cool" phone
BlackBerry CEO John Chen knows how to market his products. Every since he took over the reigns at BlackBerry, Chen has been unwavering in his view that he could save BlackBerry and turn the company around. He has been quite successful so far, but can he keep the momentum going? He said recently the company....more
Microsoft releases new firmware for Surface Pro 3 with enterprise encryption
Microsoft released the second firmware update for the Surface Pro 3 in less than a month. The latest firmware update adds enterprise level security to the Surface Pro 3 with full disk encryption. This update is a bit of a surprise as Microsoft recently released a firmware update for the Surface Pen, but it'....more
Alaska Airlines using Windows tablets for in-flight entertainment
Alaska Airlines is upgrading their in-flight entertainment tablets and they're going with Windows Toshiba Encore 2 tablets. I flew Alaska Airlines a couple of years ago and they handed me a tablet, but it was clunky and odd. It looks like they will upgrade to Windows 8.1 tablets for a better experience. more
IE in Windows Phone 8.1 has a security flaw, sort of
Internet Explorer on Windows Phone 8.1 has a bit of a security flaw. The flaw has to do with the way IE treats passwords. Normally, when you enter a password the OS replaces your entry with asterisks. For example, entering a password of "abc123" will result in "******." Several users on more
Microsoft apps to be pre-installed on Samsung devices
Microsoft has announced a deal with Samsung that will bring Microsoft services to Samsung's Android devices. The deal is an important move for Microsoft as they try to be have influence on every platform. This is a strikingly different strategy than the Microsoft of old who relied on a near monopoly to keep....more
BlackBerry Porsche design P9883 Graphite launches in Hong Kong
BlackBerry recently announced another Porsche Designed phone. The new variant of the P9983 is Graphite with stainless steel bezel and leather battery door. The new phone launched in Hong Kong on Friday. “The iconic styling of the new P’9983 Graphite from BlackBerry is technically inspired with long....more
Hillary's BlackBerry less secure than government issued BlackBerry
Hillary Clinton's email has been in the news lately and because BlackBerry was her device of choice, BlackBerry is in the news. Many have raised questions about the security of using personal email for government business. It sure seems like a personal account would be more susceptible to hacking. Accordi....more
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