iTunes Playlists not syncing with iOS 11 - FIXED
By: Tom Manning - January 06, 2018

iCloud Music Library is not working in iOS 11 and itís annoying. iTunes Match / iCloud Music Library is very buggy in iOS 11. Here is how I solved my problem.

I created a new playlist in iTunes on my Mac, but it would not sync to my iPhone X. I soon realized, the playlists were syncing to all of my Macs and iOS devices running iOS 10 or lower, but not the two phones I have running iOS 11.

I searched the Internet for an answer, and the most common answer was to turn off iCloud Music Library, then turn it back on again by going to Settings > Music > iCloud Music Library. Another solution was to go to Settings > iTunes and App Store and logout then log back in. I did both, rebooted my phone in between, but when I re-enabled iCloud Music Library 24GB of music was deleted, and I had no playlists. All of my playlists were now missing and there was no way to get them back. I rebooted, quit the Music app, toggled iCloud Music Library off and back on and nothing worked.

I finally figured out how to get my playlists to show up and it was completely random.

Go to Settings > Music > Cellular Data and turn it ON.

Mine was set to off. I turned it on, the playlists populated, and I turned it back off before downloading all of my music. It seems iOS is dependent on cellular data for syncing the library.

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