Deleted Podcasts still show up in Apple TV - SOLVED
By: Tom Manning - July 08, 2017

Do you use Home Sharing to stream Podcasts to your Apple TV? If you do, you may have noticed that very old podcasts stay in the Apple TV even if you think you have deleted them in iTunes. This issue should be embarrassing for Apple, but Apple isnít great at services. Theyíre just not. Anyway, the fix is relatively easy.

Go into the Podcasts section of iTunes and create a Smart Playlist. Tell it to show you everything that has a Media Kind of Podcast. Thatís it.

After the list is created, click on it and view it in LIST view. You will see everything on your computer that is a podcast. Match this up against what you have on your Apple TV and you will be able to Remove the Downloads, or simply delete the podcasts entirely. This will make them disappear from the Apple TV.

Iíve read other threads that suggest purchasing an app called Track Shift, but this isnít necessary. You can do the job yourself with a smart playlist.

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